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Security Guard Subcontractors - Subcontracting Security Services

None of us likes to let our customer down especially when it comes to the most profitable part of the UK (London and its surrounding areas).

If you're supplying an excellent service to your clients in other parts of the UK and don't have an office close to London. Don't let this stop you covering your customer's sites in this region. Also, we cover sites throughout England and Wales.

We're used to stepping in at short notice to fulfil your client's needs in the and around the London area. Whether you need a single security guard for one evening or over 20 security guards around the clock for a number of months we can assist you.

We also have dog units available for those situations they are needed.

Our service fits seamlessly into yours and your client won't even know that you're using subcontract security guards.

Subcontracting security services to us stops you having to advertise, recruit and employ staff in an area in which you may not be ready to operate in.

Or you may just have a short term need and don't need to have the hassle of advertising, recruiting and employing staff for a brief refurbishment or similar short term occurrence.

For further information either fill out form to the right or call us to discuss what we can offer today...

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London Security Guards (UK) Ltd

9-11 Gunnery Terrace
Royal Arsenal
London SE18 6SW

FREEPHONE: 0800 069 6966
Telephone: (Enquiry) 0208 851 7987
Telephone: (Sales) 0208 301 8443

Fax: 0871 266 4694

E-mail: sales@london-security-guards.co.uk

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