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London Security Guards - Client - Allders London Security Guards - Client - Budgens London Security Guards - Client - Sports Direct
London Security Guards - Client - Enterprise London Security Guards - Client - Our Place
London Security Guards - Client - A2 Domain London Security Guards - Client - ICAS London Security Guards - Client - Thirsty London Security Guards - Client - Bohola
London Security Guards - Client - Groveworld
London Security Guards - Client - Borras
London Security Guards - Client - Herritage London Security Guards - Client - Tonys
London Security Guards - Client - Bellview
London Security Guards - Client - LJB

client testimonials

Please read below to see what some of our clients have to say about London Security Guards (UK) Ltd.

"I acknowledge that London Security Guards (UK) Limited has been our sole supplier of qualified uniformed guards at our various business outlets in Watford, Bushey Heath and East Barnet. I strongly trust their service with confidence and satisfaction"

- Raj Sameni (Owner, Budgens Stores/Musgrave Group).


"London School of Advanced Studies is a prestigious College situated in the heart of London which is entirely trusted in good hands of London Security Guards Limited. We have a mutual and firm reliance on their outstanding integrity in establishing total control of students and risks perceptions. This security company knows their job pretty well."
- Jason Capaldi, (Marketing Manager, LCAS).


"There are so many security guards around but only a few are competent. London Security Guards (UK) is among the few and i continuously use their service annually for all events"

- Oma, (CEO, Heritage Events).


"Airport Security is today the most dynamic and sensitive area. Having London security Limited at our Heathrow Office is commendable as they have a good working system and ethics compliant to the BAA security standards"

- Richard Babalola. (General Manager, Bellview Airlines).


"London Security Guards Limited has been at our various stores in Slough, Hounslow and Bracknell for over 3 years now and our stock losses dropped 95%.They have special tactics in retail security guarding and am happy to have them supply us security personnel."

- Steve Caio, (Regional Manager, Sports Direct).


"We have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of high-risk construction equipment on our building site premises and have been attacked in the past years before having London Security Guards on board to deal with all security matters. Their mobile security patrols and static guards are exemplary and completely suits our requirements. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a security guard service in London area."
- John Todd, (Site Manager, Borras Construction).


"The bouncers supplied to my pubs at Wembley and Tottenham by London Security Guards are the best i have ever had since my 17 years of pub business" 

- Padcraig, (Manager, Tony's Pub).


job locations


Our whole range of professional security service covers from NEWCASTLE to PORTSMOUTH

BIRMINGHAM to NORWICH, Other areas we cover are Sheffield, Cambridge, Exeter, Bristol, Southend-On-Sea, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Bexhill-On-Sea and the entire geographical regions in England.


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London Security Guards (UK) Ltd

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Fax: 0871 266 4694

E-mail: sales@london-security-guards.co.uk

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